The Sjofn Academy

Response to scathing review

As I have mentioned before, I generally don’t read my reviews and have very little idea how people react to my work unless they email me directly. However, the content of a particular review was forwarded to me, and I do feel the need to comment on it. I guess there is someone out there

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The Sjöfn Academy is out!

The second volume in “The Chronicles of Arianthem” is now available on Amazon, and should be available shortly on both the Apple store and Google Play. The website will be updated to reflect the launch of the new edition, but until then, these are the quick links to Amazon: The Sjöfn Academy Print Edition The

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First look at the new book

“The Sjöfn Academy” is getting very, very close (days) and in the final proof stage. I’m looking forward to feedback from fans! “The Ha’kan, an all-female race that reveres sexuality and views monogamy as unnatural, have been at war with the Tavinter for centuries. Queen Halla seeks to end this long-term dispute with the nomadic

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