A Little Christmas Cheer

…for audiobook fans. “The Rival’s Concord is on the way!” Just awaiting approval on the final review, and then it will be released into the wild. In the meantime, take a peek at the FABULOUS rendition of Talan and Raine, again painted by the incomparable Julie Bell. This painting will soon grace the cover of all versions of “The Rival’s Concord!”

2 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Cheer”

  1. Just got done listing to this plus the last 3 books and i love it. Wish the rest were ready to go cause i just wanna jump right into the next book on Audible. Thank you for the book series its been fun along with the others i listen to.

    1. Vivienne is such an awesome narrator I’m a little at the mercy of her schedule. But they are all on the calendar for this year, and I’m hoping to get them out as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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