The Dragon’s Night

Sooo…I just wrote the final word of the next book, “The Dragon’s Night: 2nd Chronicles of Arianthem I.” (The word was “Scinterian,” in case anyone’s interested.) And I am super happy with this book.

Now begins the editing process, which hopefully won’t take too long because I put a lot of time into writing this one. One of the things I always do before setting a tome out into the wild is I go back and read everything else in the series. Consistency is really important, and I’ve learned that fan-girls and boys will find every error I make–so I try not to make any.

I will let everyone know the hard release date when I have it. That said, a little glimpse of the future. First off, beginning in December, I get to go back to writing full time, and I anticipate putting out 2-3 books a year. While I was busy with other things, my mind was still busy with this story. There are at least 6-7 books in the 2nd Chronicles, and there will definitely be a 3rd. So a lot of stories about Arianthem. Additionally, there are two other series I’ve been mentally mapping out, and would love to start writing as well.

So thank you all for your patience–I promise you this, you are going to love the 2nd Chronicles. Welcome back to Arianthem!

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  1. Patricia Fletcher

    Excited to hear of another release coming, I listen to them on Audible. I have listened to entire series at least 4 times. Now back to listening to your latest. Thanks fir bring these characters to life!!

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