Next Audiobook on the way

Sooo…after much prodding from audiobook fans, I’m happy to announce “The Runner Thief” is on the way. Once again narrated by the lovely Ms. Vivienne LaRue, this is a sultry reading of a steamy book! As soon as the third book in “The Chronicles of Arianthem” has passed ACX review, I will let everyone know it’s available.

Additionally, I have a few more surprises coming the next few weeks (no, not Book 11–not yet you insatiable bibliophiles!), but I promise to give Arianthem fans a very Merry Christmas!

1 thought on “Next Audiobook on the way”

  1. I am so psyched to get this audiobook! I got to hear part of it when Ms. LaRue did her live narrating for it. It was awesome to get a sneak peek at what was to come. This will complete the set: ebook, physical copy, and audiobook. I love this series!

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