The Sjöfn Academy is out!

The second volume in “The Chronicles of Arianthem” is now available on Amazon, and should be available shortly on both the Apple store and Google Play. The website will be updated to reflect the launch of the new edition, but until then, these are the quick links to Amazon:

The Sjöfn Academy Print Edition
The Sjöfn Academy Kindle Edition

I am really looking forward to what fans have to say about this latest volume. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it over and over, and found myself laughing at the same sections again and again. It is a smart, funny, sexy book, and I would recommend it to anyone (lesbian or not) who enjoys fantasy fiction and who enjoys (or at least doesn’t mind) a little girl-on-girl sex.

Okay, maybe a lot of girl-on-girl sex, but still, a very fun read.

2 thoughts on “The Sjöfn Academy is out!”

  1. It should be available on Kobo now. Amazon always has the most seamless distribution, but everything else falls into place within a few days. Enjoy!

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