Answers to some fun questions

So I’ve been getting a lot of fan mail and thought I would address a few of the questions I’ve seen a couple of times now that were particularly fun. The first one has been asked different ways, but it can be summarized as “Which character are you most attracted to or is your ideal?” Now that’s a tough question on the surface because really, you have some pretty fabulous women in these stories. But in reality, it’s not tough for me at all. The one who is closest to my ideal, without a doubt, is the dragon, Weynild, aka Talan.

From a very young age, I was attracted to this archetype. In fact, I can remember watching Disney cartoons and being pretty blasé about both the hero and heroine, but the minute Maleficent, or some similar character came on screen I was mesmerized. So Weynild is a very enjoyable character to write for, and I’m looking forward to when Hel really gets into the story.

The second question that I enjoyed thinking about was, “What is your favorite scene in the books thus far?” Now that is a much harder question because there are so many scenes that I really love, and so many that just make me laugh out loud every time I read them. But the one I go back to time-and-again (slight spoiler here) is when Lifa is standing before the Queen and Halla says, “They’re not, they’re not exclusive, are they?” It is such a simple line but says more about Ha’kan culture in a few words of dialogue than could be said in paragraphs of description.

So there you have it. Keep writing and sending me questions, and feel free to post your own responses about the scenes and characters you love. I’d enjoy hearing them.

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