Dancing with the Devil

I’m sure most of you will think this post has something to do with a waltz with Hel–as it should. But it’s more about my love/hate relationship with social media (mostly hate), and my forthcoming attempt to overcome that dislike to engage more directly with my readers. For years I’ve let the series putter along […]

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Thank you!

To all of you crazy people who have already read the book–thank you. You are what keep me going, keep me writing, and make me smile. The number one question I am already being asked is, when is the next book coming out? The good news is that there will be no more multi-year delays.

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The Dragon’s Night

Sooo…I just wrote the final word of the next book, “The Dragon’s Night: 2nd Chronicles of Arianthem I.” (The word was “Scinterian,” in case anyone’s interested.) And I am super happy with this book. Now begins the editing process, which hopefully won’t take too long because I put a lot of time into writing this

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New Year’s Message

So, a little New Year’s message for the fans. I have spent an enormous amount of time over the holidays writing, and am very pleased with how things are going. After taking a little break (okay, a long one as far as some of you are concerned), I have a renewed love and passion for

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Website update

Just a quick note. The website has been updated to a more responsive design. I had this done when I realized the majority of people were no longer looking at the site on a computer but rather on some type of tablet or phone. Hopefully this is a little more user-friendly to those using the

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Response to scathing review

As I have mentioned before, I generally don’t read my reviews and have very little idea how people react to my work unless they email me directly. However, the content of a particular review was forwarded to me, and I do feel the need to comment on it. I guess there is someone out there

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And so it begins….

So, I have to admit that I started this project as a lark. It really began with me disparaging a friend’s book, to my mind the “typical” lesbian romance in which there is softball, beer-drinking, a night at the bar, and way too much drama. The dialogue was terrible, the plot non-existent, the characters stereotypical,

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