What’s next!

Omg…the next book is so good, so much fun, and so is the cover! Julie Bell is cooking up something awesome. I’ve seen the sketches (spoiler: Sentinel and Raine). I’m having so much fun writing this one. Sometimes I feel like I’m just transcribing, and that’s when I know it’s going to be really, really […]

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The first audiobook of many, “The Dragon’s Lover” is now available on Audible and will be available on Amazon and iTunes within a matter of days. So if you’d like to hear the book read in a sexy British accent, want to listen to it on long country drive, or have that friend who “just

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Finally…a map

Hopefully everyone had glorious holidays and is looking forward to 2021. It didn’t start out as good as it could have, but here’s to it only getting better. FYI, the audiobook version of “The Dragon’s Lover” should be available within the next week. I’ll post additional information and links when it happens. And in response

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Another teaser

Have you ever been on a long, cross-country trip and thought, “Wow, I wish I could be listening to the Chronicles of Arianthem?” Or been sitting in your car, stuck in commute traffic on your way home from work, thinking, “It sure would be nice to end my day with some Chronicles of Arianthem.” Or

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A sneak peek

A look at the original painting completed by the fabulous Julie Bell, giving “The Sjöfn Academy” the cover it deserves. The new cover should be available within the next couple days, so you can either re-download it if you already have a Kindle copy, or buy yourself a present and pick up the paperback. It’s

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Dancing with the Devil

I’m sure most of you will think this post has something to do with a waltz with Hel–as it should. But it’s more about my love/hate relationship with social media (mostly hate), and my forthcoming attempt to overcome that dislike to engage more directly with my readers. For years I’ve let the series putter along

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Thank you!

To all of you crazy people who have already read the book–thank you. You are what keep me going, keep me writing, and make me smile. The number one question I am already being asked is, when is the next book coming out? The good news is that there will be no more multi-year delays.

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