Dancing with the Devil

I’m sure most of you will think this post has something to do with a waltz with Hel–as it should. But it’s more about my love/hate relationship with social media (mostly hate), and my forthcoming attempt to overcome that dislike to engage more directly with my readers. For years I’ve let the series putter along on autopilot, and it’s still managed to gain a respectable audience and some seriously awesome fans. So time to put some effort into this, because “The Chronicles of Arianthem” deserves more than my bi-annual blog post.

Picture of Skye

As many of you know, I’m actually pretty good at responding to email, but that’s so last century. It’s not that I’m a luddite, I love technology. It’s that email provides a safety barrier for a very introverted person. Soooo…I’m willing to start bringing that barrier down. Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon Author, that’s where I’ll start, then slowly add to my repertoire with other platforms. So if you’re on any of those platforms (or reading this from one now), post, ask me questions, send me messages, whatever you feel up to. I promise I will be more responsive.

And now the good stuff. I have some seriously great news I’ll release over the next few weeks. I just want to tease it here, but some things I’m genuinely excited about. So stand by–there’s some fun coming!

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