A Little Christmas Cheer

…for audiobook fans. “The Rival’s Concord is on the way!” Just awaiting approval on the final review, and then it will be released into the wild. In the meantime, take a peek at the FABULOUS rendition of Talan and Raine, again painted by the incomparable Julie Bell. This painting will soon grace the cover of

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Next Audiobook on the way

Sooo…after much prodding from audiobook fans, I’m happy to announce “The Runner Thief” is on the way. Once again narrated by the lovely Ms. Vivienne LaRue, this is a sultry reading of a steamy book! As soon as the third book in “The Chronicles of Arianthem” has passed ACX review, I will let everyone know

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Fun contest!

Twenty-eight writers are giving away 45 books, so enter today! Both Arianthem Audiobooks are up for grabs, so feel free to go for those, but also check out all the other wonderful authors. The contest runs through September 15, so don’t wait too long. And much thanks to the wonderful Lexa Luthor for putting this

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The Scinterian’s Dream

After numerous delays, Book #10 in The Chronicles of Arianthem should be available for pre-order this week. I wanted to go ahead and give everyone a heads up because I\’ve been getting a lot of inquiries, and I feel bad when I keep saying “it’s coming,” but it’s not quite here. So, now, it’s actually

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Map of Arianthem

I wouldn’t have guessed that cartography would be one of the things I’d have to learn while managing the world Arianthem. I started the project thinking, “Oh, this will be easy,” then realized how much actually goes into creating a map. Also, I would advise other writers, especially those writing a series–start early! I was

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