Map of Arianthem

I wouldn’t have guessed that cartography would be one of the things I’d have to learn while managing the world Arianthem. I started the project thinking, “Oh, this will be easy,” then realized how much actually goes into creating a map. Also, I would advise other writers, especially those writing a series–start early! I was very good at visualizing where everything was in my head, but it did get a little sketchy every once in a while, when I would ask myself, “How did they get there that fast?” So, I was good spatially, a little less so temporally. It kind of reminds me of “The Empire Strikes Back,” (my favorite Star Wars movie) in which Han and Leia fly around an asteroid field the entire time Luke is completing his Jedi training with Yoda. I’m like, “Did Luke finish his training in a day?” “Did the Millennium Falcon fly around the asteroid field for a year?” It happens…

But I digress. The map is finished (View Here). Henceforth, it will be included in all books. When the next book releases, I will update all the Kindle versions to include it, so if you’re a Kindle fan, you can always download the newer version. Hopefully this map will help you see the world of Arianthem the way I see it!

6 thoughts on “Map of Arianthem”

  1. I love this map. The books were already phenomenal and this visual just makes them that much better. Thank you for this and for writing such outstanding stories.

  2. I found The Dragon’s Lover about a month ago and quickly fell in love. I’ve spent the past month binge reading all 9 books and now I am suffering from withdrawal. Thank you for sharing your talents!! While I wait for the next in the series, I will go back to the beginning because I love these books so much! Not so patiently waiting…

    1. Glad you found the series! I’m trying to be better at marketing–but, not so good. Fortunately, I have beloved fans who are really good at spreading the word for me. I should have an announcement on the next book within a few days! Super excited about this one!

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