Yes, there will be more books

In response to the many frantic inquiries I’ve had this weekend, especially in regards to how “The Goddess of the Underworld” ended, yes, there will be more Arianthem books in the future.

20 thoughts on “Yes, there will be more books”

  1. This series is mesmerising , after reading the last of (what I thought was the last) of the series I had to re-read the eight books to feed my addiction. I am itching g to get my hands on the neXT from Samantha. Heather

  2. Sometimes that thing called “life” interferes with your best-laid plans. Don’t worry, I’m still working on the next series of books. I just have a little less time these days to devote to my writing. But I miss Arianthem!

    1. Wow it’s what my mind thinks of you. Thank you for letting me scape in to this amazing world. I’m very eager to read more of your heart flet stories.

  3. Sam, i wish there is a way to express how much ive anjoyed your books, i just finished the series once again, reading is one of my greatest pleasures, to sumerge myself in these fantastic worlds, and Arianthem its one of my favorites. Im just want to say thank you for share it with us, perhaps one day ill share my own fantastic world of my making, if i do please know that your work inspired me.

    Waiting for the next instalment anxioslly

    your trully,

  4. Ms. Samantha, I’ve really enjoyed your books and I don’t know how many times I’ve read this series. I keep watching for your next series. Please keep up the good work. Thank you for your writing. Lyn.

      1. Stephanie Harger

        Hi there Sam I am an avid reader and starting to reread your series again and I came across this blog so I wanted to ask you if other books were still in development? Also do you wait to release them in bill or one at a time? Here too a good New year and best of luck to your writing.


        1. Yes, the next book is absolutely in development with the first draft nearly finished. The next few books will be released one at a time, then I hope to get back on a strict writing schedule and start putting work out consistently as I did before. My life got really busy, and I want to give these stories the attention they deserve, thus the delays. But I promise, they are coming, keep the faith!

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