Update on Book VIII

I have had a couple of days of fantastic writing, and thought I would give everyone a little update. Book eight in the Chronicles of Arianthem, “The Goddess of the Underworld,” is coming along at a fabulous clip. When you write for such passionate fans, there is always the concern that they will be disappointed in the climax, but quite frankly, I think “climax” is a perfect description of this book, especially if you think of the first seven as mere foreplay.

And I will leave you with that thought for the day!

Cheers! Sam

7 thoughts on “Update on Book VIII”

  1. Oh Sam!!!!! Climax as in last one? What on earth will we all do with ourselves when the last one is read? Do what I’ve done before I suppose andnreadnthe lot again.
    Can’t wait for this one.
    Thank you for the previous seven.
    Annie.:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Well, I’m not going to give away any spoilers. This is most definitely the end of this story arc. But I will let you decide for yourself, at the end of “The Goddess of the Underworld,” if you think you’ve seen the last of Arianthem…

      1. Oh thank God. Seriously Sam, it’s so fantastic that you are thinking ahead and keeping the story of Arianthem going. I love where it’s been and I look forward to reading where your imagination takes us. As far as the end of this particular series…that sucks but, I can see why a conclusion is necessary. I have grown to love each of the characters so it will be fun to see what comes out of your brain next. Here’s my wish.

        Dear Santa, please…please…please, hurry with book 8 and make it have lots of pages and let my favorite characters survive and totally kick ass!! Amen.

        Thanks Sam you rock.

  2. I certainly think that there could be multiple climaxes and this story could continue on for some time! I am sure it will be worth the wait but it is near torture In the mean time!

  3. Oh please don’t let the journey be over! I am always eagerly checking amazon for a new one by you! And in total fangirl mode I play online dragon games and just had to name my island Arianthem! Also probably shouldn’t admit some of my dragons have names from your books! 🙂

  4. The journey is definitely not over, which I think the ending of this book will make pretty clear. I love Arianthem as much as all of you, so it’s not going away any time soon.

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